I am a currently sitting in the role of DevOps at ScholarPack. I am a self-proclaimed Engineer, meaning that while I believe in the many roles in software development I don't believe that we should limit ourselves to just one of those roles having spent time in all of them with a passion for testing I believe that if we work together as a proper cross-functional team we can produce value faster for the customer.

The Uneducated Tester

Realising how little I know about Testing this is my journey of discovery as I try to educate myself

Picture showing how to start TestNG tests

Building Great Teams

How I would put a team together and make it awesome

Picture showing how to start TestNG tests



Testing Organisations



  • Managing Humans by Michael Lopp
  • Our Iceberg is melting by John Kotter


  • Qualitive Research Design by Joseph A Maxwell
  • The Knowledge Illusion by Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach

Picture showing test notifications produced from TestNG listeiners